Saturday, April 03, 2010

FYI: 19 Months and More

I've been thinking of ways to have this blog serve the interests of readers. One thing that I'd like to do more is spread the word about cool things I hear about that you might be interested. I've decided to call this new feature of Baha'i Thought, FYI (For Your Information). For the first FYI post I've chosen the new blog 19 months and the first issue of the on-line publication called the Journal of Comparative Theology.

Here's a description of 19 Months:

Nineteen Months is an international collaborative photo blog using spirituality to inspire photographers and in turn, inspire others. There are Nineteen Months in the Bádi calendar; the calendar of the Bahá’í Faith. There are 19 days in every month, and every month has a name. Those names are ‘names’ or attributes of God. These names are also the monthly photographic themes of Nineteen Months. Thus, every 19 days, a new selection of photographs appear on Nineteen Months. Since unity in diversity is one of the main principles in the Baha’i Faith, every photographer will inevitably have their own interpretation of the name of the month, and this will be evident in their submissions.

You can check out 19 Months on their Facebook page where it's swiftly headed toward the 500 fans mark. Or you can just head straight to the site here.

Hat-tip to the Journal of Interreligious Dialogue for drawing attention to the new on-line Journal of Comparative Theology. Here's a bit of information about it:

It is with great excitement
that we publish this premiere issue of the Journal of Comparative Theology. We hope that this publication will serve as an accessible and constructive venue for sharing research within the flourishing academic sphere of comparative theology, which to date has lacked a central organ for the collection and dissemination of comparative theological discourse. Although several prestigious journals publish articles relating to the field, the Journal of Comparative Theology will remain exclusively dedicated to this burgeoning discipline and its emerging scholarly community.

You can read the journal here. Given that it's affiliated with my Alma mater Harvard Divinity School, how could it be anything but awesome?