Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Baha'i Dad Chronicles: 20 Months

Douglass Ali has reached the big 20, in months that is. I would describe this as the stage of the phrase. What was once a word here and there has evolved into actual sentences, still with a distinct toddler accent, but sentences still. One of them is "I wan more". We hear this a lot these days. We heard it so much that we decided to teach him how to say please. "Ease, eeeeasssee?" he says now when he wants something. I don't think he quite understands yet that, even though please or "ease" is the magic word, it doesn't always means you get what you want no matter how many times you repeat it (and repeat it he does). Another phrase is "I wan go outside." When he wants to be more efficient he simply says "Outside?" It's sort of funny because he wants to go outside all the time, day or night, rain or shine. It will be the middle of the night and you hear him say, "I wan go outside". He's also picking up more words here and there. 'Hot dog" has great utility, as does "ice" which he uses for anything ice-related. He can now say "puppy". He tries to say car, which comes out "cah" (so-Boston of him) and cat which comes out as "caaa". Who needs t's or r's anyway right? (or is that "igh"?) He continues to astonish with physical feats as well. Douglass can now climb right out of his crib in a flash. He can also climb in and out of his Pack and Play. He'll be climbing in and out of the windows soon, I'm sure. His social interactions are getting more sophisticated as well. We were at a party at our neighbors and the yard was crowded with kids running here and there. Douglass finally found a kid that was more his size and got into throwing a ball back and forth. This in itself was impressive, but then he did something else. At one point he threw the ball and it went past the other kid who was distracted. Douglass walked up to this kid, tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to where the ball had gone. He couldn't say the words but he clearly wanted this kid and go and get the ball and keep playing with him. Know what? That's exactly what the kid did. My little man is growing up.

I pray that you will all strive to bring each child of God into the radiance of the Sun of Truth, that the darkness may be dissipated by the penetrating rays of its glory, and the winter's hardness and cold may be melted away by the merciful warmth of its shining.
(Abdu'l-Baha, Paris Talks, p. 32)