Friday, June 18, 2010

FYI: Trauma and Spirituality Conference

Mental health professionals out there might want to know about this conference coming up in March in Ireland. Its sounds awesome. It would be particularly cool to have a strong representation of Baha'is there. Check it out:

Trauma & Spirituality: An International Dialogue, 9-13th March 2011 at The Europa Hotel Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Our focus

To provide a local and international context for constructive dialogue and creative thinking about realities connected to 'trauma and spirituality', including the relationships between spirituality, religion, faith, conflict, violence, trauma and healing.

Our hope

To strengthen relationships, networks and infrastructure between the 'trauma' world and the 'faith' world, in Northern Ireland, and internationally - towards a more integrated approach to trauma recovery and wellbeing.

All are most welcome to be a part of this international conference, which will only thrive thanks to a diversity of experiences, ideas, and hopes. We truly would like this event to be as international, and as intergenerational, an experience as possible. Please spread the word widely through your own networks. Our full programme and online registration will become available in August 2010.