Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Up In The Air

So where in the world is Phillipe you ask? I'm literally up in the air on my way to the Society for Spirituality and Social Work Conference in Calgary. So far the trip has been boring and tedious just the way I like it. I'm moving between time zones so I'm a bit fuzzy on when I will be arriving. I have learned that it is only 47 degrees in Calgary. I'm definitely not dressed for that so will have some hustling to do once we touch down. On Friday I'll be getting my academia on, presenting a paper titled, Work-related Stress, Religious/Spiritual Coping, and Burnout. No I'm not going to give anything away yet so don't ask. I'll provide some highlights of the paper later. Encouraging words or pledges to pray for me particularly around 2:30pm on Friday will be most appreciated!

I've made contact with the Baha'is in Calgary and if God wills, we'll hang out a bit. I try to make a point to drop in on the Baha'is when I travel and give a hug or two. I'd like to see how the Calgary Baha'is get down, know what I mean?

I'm missing my wife Maura and Douglass Ali already but such is the life of a young (or not so young scholar). The conference starts tomorrow and I hope to give you a daily summary of my adventures and share some photos as well.

"Again, there are those famed and accomplished men of learning, possessed of praiseworthy qualities and vast erudition, who lay hold on the strong handle of the fear of God and keep to the ways of salvation. In the mirror of their minds the forms of transcendent realities are reflected, and the lamp of their inner vision derives its light from the sun of universal knowledge. They are busy by night and by day with meticulous research into such sciences as are profitable to mankind, and they devote themselves to the training of students of capacity."
(Abdu'l-Baha, The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 21)