Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baha'i Dad Chronicles: 2 Months 'Til 2 Years

The countdown to Douglass Ali being a 2 year old has commenced! It seems that time keeps moving faster and faster every month. Kind of like the way he moves faster and faster on that little three-wheeled thing that he LOVES so much. If you lived on our street, on any given day you'd see a little curly-haired boy on his red, blue, and yellow three-wheeler rolling here and there. If you're listening, you'll hear "HI, HI, HI, repeated until you respond. Or you might hear him point out one of the local "woof-woofs" or a passing "GUCK" (translation: Truck).

To his ever growing list of age appropriate toys, has now been added a water table from his grandparents. I don't know about your little ones but mine is a water worshiper. He can't stop talking about it, or playing with it. He even refers to any beverage as "water".

He has also been getting more and more into animals. He can actually say "monkey" clearly now. His mom took him to an event where he got to get up close with several little furry things, including a rabbit. I've tried to get him to say the word "bunny" but he usually says, "funny" instead, which come to think of it, is kind of "funny" itself.

Douglass has also become the big imitator these days. If you say something to him, he'll usually repeat the last word of your sentence and put a little question mark on it like "is that what you said?" Recently he was using a spoon to drink some hot chocolate. His mom offered me a cup and I said, "Drink it like this" raising my cup to my lips. Douglass did the same and then watched me, raising his cup to his lips each time I did. Another time, I made some BBQ ribs for us to eat. At first I cut the meat off the bone into small pieces and put it on his plate. As soon as he saw me eating the meat off the bone he refused to eat the ribs in any other fashion. He gnawed on those rib bones like he'd been eating ribs his whole life and of course got covered from the top of his head to the bottom of his chin with BBQ sauce!

Another interesting adventure I've been having with him is reading bedtime stories. One of two things will take place. Either he will make me read the same book over and over and over. Or, he'll pile every single book he has on his shelf on my lap and insist that I read all of them. It is quite an experience, let me tell you.

Another fun thing we've been doing is teaching Douglass to sing "Allah'u'Abha (meaning God is the Most Glorious). He always smiles and can sing much of the melody and has managed an "Allah" a couple of times. I've also gotten into the habit of singing it to him while I'm trying to get him the fall asleep. The other night I sang it a couple of times and stopped. He was sitting on my lap and turned his head, looked at me with an expression I can't quite describe and said clearly, "Again". So a sang it some more. I can't help but think there was something really spiritual going on at that moment.