Monday, November 29, 2010

Baha'i Thought Gets More Social

I'm continuing to experiment with engaging social networking to make Baha'i Thought accessible to a wider audience. What I've been doing lately is posting a short question related to blog posts on the Baha'i Thought Facebook Page with a link to the blog. This way, people who may not offer comments on the blog itself can offer comments on Facebook. It's a different way to get conversations going which is a key goal of this endeavor. We'll see how this goes but if you haven't visited Baha'i Thought on Facebook, I encourage you to do so and let other folks know that they can do the same. I particularly encourage you to do this if you are a subscriber (I heart subscribers!). Being a subscriber brings Baha'i Thought right to your inbox but you may miss out on some of the action in the comment section of the blog or on Facebook.

"Today the mass of the people are uninformed even as to ordinary affairs, how much less do they grasp the core of the important problems and complex needs of the time. It is therefore urgent that beneficial articles and books be written, clearly and definitely establishing what the present-day requirements of the people are, and what will conduce to the happiness and advancement of society. These should be published and spread throughout the nation, so that at least the leaders among the people should become, to some degree, awakened, and arise to exert themselves along those lines which will lead to their abiding honor. The publication of high thoughts is the dynamic power in the arteries of life; it is the very soul of the world." (Abdu'l-Baha, The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 109)