Monday, November 01, 2010

FYI: InCultureParent

I wanted to hasten to inform Baha'i Thought readers about a new on-line parenting magazine that is very much aligned with Baha'i ideals. Check it out:

A new online parenting magazine launches today for parents raising little global citizens. InCultureParent focuses on culture, language and tradition to appeal to parents raising multi/bicultural and multi/bilingual children as well as parents interested in global parenting practices. InCultureParent is a new kind of parenting magazine that offers viewpoints from around the world.

InCultureParent provides an alternative to the dominant culture of mainstream parenting websites to better represent multicultural families. Additionally, tradition and faith become more relevant when families have children and mainstream parenting websites are largely silent when it comes to these areas. InCultureParent blends culture, language and tradition and presents articles on issues related to these areas. It is our hope that InCultureParent will appeal to a growing demographic of families who don’t fit into one box. We also hope InCultureParent will attract families who may neatly fit into one box but are interested in cultures and languages outside their own.

The magazine's debut includes four regular columns, including the Religious Life of Children written by authors from six different religions, and three bloggers who share the common theme of raising multicultural and multilingual children, in addition to articles on circumcision wars and navigating in-laws from other cultures. The magazine also spotlights two global holidays per month together with craft ideas for kids and recipes, and highlights books for kids with multicultural themes.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think may be interested and spread the word about the magazine.

Best regards,

Stephanie Meade
CEO and Founder