Saturday, April 23, 2011

National Race Amity Conference

I wanted to get the word out about an amazing conference that will be taking place in Boston June 9-12. It's the first National Race Amity Conference which is being organized by the National Center for Race Amity under the inspired leadership of Dr. William "Smitty" Smith. The 411 on the Conference is included below:

The overall vision of Race Amity 2011: Towards E Pluribus Unum is inspired by the first American Race Amity Convention held in Washington, D.C. in 1921. That daring, groundbreaking event was remarkable in both its moral clarity and the unlikely collaboration of its principals and supporters in a nation that was experiencing the aftershocks of the Red Summer of 1919. During that summer thousands of Americans were injured and killed in an outbreak of violence perpetrated by white mobs against black citizens in cities across the nation. Through its laws and general moral advocacy toward equity and access, our nation's level of racial justice has made quantum leaps since 1921. We still, however, face a myriad of challenges in the twenty- first century. These challenges must be overcome in pursuit of the true north of our collective moral compass as directed in our national motto, "E Pluribus Unum." Race Amity 2011: Towards E Pluribus Unum is a call to the nation's youth and adults in civic, governmental, religious, educational, entertainment and business communities to come together to share, inspire, and engage in planning and action toward achieving "E Pluribus Unum."

The National Race Amity Conference will be organized around ten Amity Sectors: arts, business, community service, education, entertainment, government agencies, information media, law, spirituality, and sports. Unlike large scale national conferences where “small” breakout sessions number 50 to 125 participants, each of the Amity Sectors will offer learning and sharing opportunities in group settings of twenty to thirty-five participants. Along two conference-wide keynote luncheons, each sector will offer an Amity Sector Keynote Gathering for up to 275 participants. These Sector Keynotes will feature presentations specifically related to each Amity Sector. Invited Presenter/Speakers include Attorney General Eric Holder, Charles Ogletree, Xernona Clayton, Badi Foster, Judge Dorothy W. Nelson, Edward James Olmos, Carole Simpson, Robert C. Henderson, Joy DeGruy, William E. Davis, Jackie Jenkins-Scott, Chief Doug White,Cherry Steinwender, Phyllis and Gene Unterschuetz, Judge O. Rogeriee Thompson, Richard W. Thomas, Jesse Washington, Celest Headlee, Tod Ewing, and many others. Registration for the National Race Amity Conference can be found at

By the grace of God, Baha'i Thought will be in the da house at this conference providing Baha'i-informed analysis and commentary. I hope to see lots of readers there!