Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Blogs on the Block: First Edition

As you may know, the mission of Baha'i Thought is promote the creation of a new civilization through new media. One strategy for doing this is encouraging the proliferation of Baha'i blogging throughout the blogosphere. To this end, Baha'i Thought will be drawing attention to new Baha'i blogs as they emerge for readers to check out. If you are a Baha'i who is getting into the blogging game let me know! Here is one that I've recently heard about:

In the Midst of the Plan offers philosophical reflections. This is definitely one to keep your eyes on.

I will also be bringing back the popular monthly round-up of Baha'i blogging called "Hot Bloggin" starting in June. It provides a chance to highlight some of what I consider the best posts that I've read during that month.


  1. This is Ben Schewel, co-author of "In the Midst of the Plan" with my wife Keri. If you are interested in getting a sense for the kind of things we will be talking about, check out her post, "Philosophical Reflections from a Non-Philosopher."

  2. hey :) Im Sandra and that's my blog:

    Im not sure if my blog counts cause its not entirely about the bahai faith, but the faith plays a big role in my life so there will be a whole lot of posts about it in my blog. It's in its beginner states though.

    Kind Regards. Allah'u'Baha!