Saturday, August 20, 2011

The New Jim Crow: A Series

I've recently experimented with doing a series of posts about the same topic. I'm calling it The New Jim Crow: A Series. Each of the posts in this series is compiled below from first to last.

  1. What to a Felon is the Fourth of July?
  2. The New Jim Crow
  3. Just Say No
  4. Who Would Jesus Incarcerate?
  5. Race, Incarceration and American Values


  1. Thanks Phillipe. It has been an education. I had not thought about these issues in this way, I have learned a lot from your posts.

  2. Thanks Phillipe. I heard that the book cites some pretty scary stats. There was an interview I heard on the Zo Williams Show on XM-Sirius' The Foxx Hole.
    There was a statement that school truant officials are now racially profiling Hispanic and African-American boys as early as kindergarten and putting the prediction on them to enter the justice system.
    Gotta get that book and read that again. Strange to "pigeon-hole" a kid into that. Where's the solution?

  3. Phillipe, I try and keep up with your articles and blog posts, and especially your book recommendations. Have you ever thought about joining GoodReads? If you do, I would love to follow your reviews and learn about what my next "hold" at the library should be :) I also learn so much from your links and thoughtful consideration of these tough subjects. Thank you. xxooleila

  4. Thanks for sharing this, brother. There is yet a whole lot to explore regarding these themes. I've been working on a series of video posts exploring how our media environment impacts how we process and engage these social forces. I hope to hear your thoughts sometime...