Monday, September 12, 2011

Faith in Action DC

I wanted to get the word out about this amazing initiative by my dear brother Jack Gordon. The 411 is below. I hope readers in the DC area will give him lots of support, love, hugs, prayers and hey, why not a bite to eat. This guy works hard. Oh, and Jack you need to bring this to Boston next. Just sayin'.


Dear friends,
I'm excited to share with you the launch of my new project, Faith in Action DC, a multimedia project celebrating the work of diverse people of faith to build community in the nation's capital region.

Instead of focusing on aesthetic or theological differences, Faith in Action DC examines the common ground of all faith communities: service to humanity.
Over the coming months, I'll be visiting with a wide range of faith-based organizations, institutions, and individuals in the DC area to document through photographs and video the many ways ordinary people are creating positive change in their neighborhoods by transforming core values into direct service.

The goal is to produce (1) a dynamic website with new content each week; (2) a traveling photo exhibition to bring inspiring images to community centers throughout the area; and (3) a photo book to create a permanent document of our struggles for a better tomorrow. This project is being done in collaboration with the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington and a significant portion of revenue generated will be going to support IFC's programming.

As we step into the next 10 years post-9/11, let's tell a new story - of hope and collaboration and strength through unity. Whether you live in DC or not, whether you identify with a particular religious group or not, imagine the benefit of a capital city that stands before its nation as a model of tolerance and understanding amongst diverse communities, celebrating the work of those who arise to serve.

I encourage you to learn more and participate through our website and social media sites... and most importantly, to share information about this project with someone you know: your clergy, your congregation, your co-workers. Faith in Action DC is a project with unlimited potential for growth, but it depends on the involvement of more communities telling us about how they are helping their neighbors. We want to promote the good work you and your friends are doing in the field of service, so let us know about it!

Thanks in advance.
Looking forward,
Jack Gordon

Producer, Faith in Action DC

Please direct all questions to