Thursday, November 01, 2012

Baha'i Thought Retires

I've been trying to figure out the right words. I'm going to keep it simple. Seven years is a long time to do most things. Given that the life-cycle of your typical blog resembles that of a mosquito, seven years is a really long time. It's time to do something new. Thanks to everyone who has supported this effort over the years. I'm hoping that others will be inspired to take the learning about Baha'i blogging forward and that you will give those who arise to do so the same support you have given me. It's been quite a journey. The seven years of content on this blog will remain available for those interested in reading it. You can also check out the links to Baha'i websites and blogs in my sidebar. There's some great work being done and much to explore. This is Phillipe Copeland, former author of Baha'i Thought signing off.